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5/23 Hand Cut Pasta Making Class $75
Pasta Passion: Crafting Tagliatelle and Puttanesca
Thursday, May 23, 2024
5:30 PM

Join us at the kitchen as we share our love for everything pasta making!  Each guest will make their own pasta dough ball, once chilled you will roll it out, sheet it and cut it into tagliatelle.  Our sauce we will make in groups of four will be a southern Italian puttanesca sauce with olives, capers and crushed tomato originally created in Naples according to food historians. Chef Pam was taught to make this sauce by the man at her local salumeria when she lived in Pozzouli, a small town outside of Naples, Italy.   To finish off the evening with a little something sweet, everyone will make the traditional tiramisu for dessert.

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