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5/17 Bao Buns Class $65
Bao Buns & Beyond!
Friday, May 17, 2024

Join us at the kitchen for a trip to Northern China where we learn the classic art of making soft, fluffy Bao Buns! This is a hands-on class where the instructor shows you the process of making the dough and allowing it to proof while you make the fillings for three bao buns. Together in groups of four, everyone will learn how to stir fry chicken and vegetables for one of the fillings as well as prep all of the garnishes that make these pillowy buns so delicious.  Our other fillings will be crispy pork as well as each group of four will grill bulgogi-style flank steak for the third filling.  We will also go over making a dipping sauce and marinating proteins before stir frying.  To finish off the evening, everyone will enjoy a bao bun filled with a sweet custard and mandarin orange segments.

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