Marketplace Hours

Saturday 9 am to noon


Chef Pam has 4 commercial kitchens in her venue that are utilized by over 25 artisans. They produce everything from Gluten Free Cookies, Jams, Toffee, Liquor Infused Custards, Chocolate Truffles, Keto Soups/Stews & so much more. New products are being added everyday so please come out and support these amazingly talented artisans.

Pizza Kits

Be the hero and take home one of our Homemade Wisconsin Pizza Kit's. Each kit contains:

* (3) 12" 'Ready to Bake' crusts from Bakers Quality right here in Waukesha.

* Chef Pam's secret sauce (almost the same one served at her Stuffed Chicago Pizza class)

* Wisconsin Mozzarella blended here at the kitchen

* Your choice of

- Cheese Only

- Chicago Italian Sausage topping

- Pepperoni

Meals to Go

Chef Pam has partnered with A to Z Dinners to offer restaurant quality Meals to Go each week. A to Z Dinners is one of 19 different artisans that utilize our commercial kitchen. They are the premium meals to go provider in SE Wisconsin and are led by Chef Andrew Koser (a Waukesha resident) and Chef Lauren Di'Amico. Both have deep culinary backgrounds including the Bartolotta’s Lake Park Bistro, Joey Gerard's, Harbor House & Mr. B's.

The weekly meal selection changes each week

All meals are $20 (plus tax) per person per meal. You can order any quantity of any of the meals on the menu.

Dinners are packed family style with easy to follow heating instructions.

Meals can be picked-up at the marketplace on Mondays from 2-6pm.

Most meals offer a vegetarian option.


Our fundraising program is worry free for the fundraiser as well as the consumer. Here’s how it works - you will sell vouchers that are redeemable for our pizza kits. The fundraising group (YOU) pays $3 less for the voucher than we sell the kits for in-store. You can sell the vouchers for $1 off our in-store price (incentive for the consumer to go through you) and then you keep the $2 difference per voucher.

2 ways to purchase the vouchers - You can pre-purchase the vouchers and sell them directly to consumer. Or you can “send out an order form, collect order form with money, buy the exact number of vouchers you need and then pass vouchers back out to the consumer.” Vouchers are non-refundable – but they never expire either. Our 3 pack 12” Pizza kits come in cheese, sausage, or pepperoni. Since you are only selling vouchers, there are no logistical requirements for the program, no perishable product exchanging hands, no risk and very little work that needs to be done on your end.

Any questions or for additional information, please send an e-mail to