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1/28 The Trouble Maker’s Cocina - Mad Mexican Food
Friday, January 28, 2022
$65 - only 3 spots left
Sold Out!

I am beyond excited to welcome Chef's Martin Magaña and Arnie Gonzalesto to the kitchen for a special evening. We have been working for months to try and get these guys here to delight and entertain you. They have developed a a new vision of Mexican cuisine, a truly unexpected sensory journey created by breaking traditions. See menu below and plan to be part of this special evening. Did I mention they bring their own 'live' music as well! PLEASE NOTE, this is NOT a cooking class, rather you will be served the menu below.

Amuse Bouche  
Pacific Lush Shrimp Chorizo •guajillo masa molotito•Candied pineapple•pickled red onion•cilantro foam

1st course
Trouble Makers Arugula Salad, compressed watermelon, jicama, cucumber, mezcal preserved lime vinaigrette, candied pistachio, tajin ash.

2nd course
Blue Corn-Pinto Bean Empanada, adobo chicken, roasted poblano, sweet corn, avocado crema, pickled shallots

3rd course
Espresso Rub Pork Tenderloin, red onion jam, smoked gouda potato purée, apple chutney, chili oil

4rd course
Chile Spiked Flourless Chocolate Cake, tequila whipped cream, guajillo chocolate ganache,
orange gastrique, cinnamon ash

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