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7/15 Bao Buns with Chef Quyen
Saturday, July 15, 2023

Let Chef Quyen show you the secrets to the perfect light, fluffy, pillowy steamed buns with her bao cooking class. You may think they are tricky to make, but be assured by the end of class, you'll be able to make your own bao at home. Bao buns involve steaming and are a healthy way of cooking while also being delicious.   A little quick bit of the translation, Bao actually means Bun in Chinese, so to say bao bun is actually being redundant but it has been used interchangeably in America. So to avoid any confusion we just will be calling it Bao bun!

Bao buns are incredibly versatile - by itself, as a breakfast item, dessert with jam or add your favorite filling to make into a sandwich for lunch & dinner.  

She will teach you how to steam it (without a steamer) and will show how different stuffings, meats, condiments and veggies can compliment the experience.  We will also be using fresh roast duck with scallion, and spicy (mild) sweet sauce resulting in a Peking duck flavor. Soft, crunchy, savory, sweet & spicy all in one bite.

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