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9/20 Greek Cuisine Class
Tuesday, September 20, 2022

Chef Pam is excited to share her love for the Greek Cuisine after traveling there while in the Navy to visit her relatives outside of Athens.  We will start out the evening preparing spanakopita as Chef Pam learned in her cooking class with her recent visit to Athens, Greece. This is made with fresh herbs, spinach and twisted into a round shape and finished off with sesame seeds.  Next we will prepare the delicious, savory entree course pastitsio, Greece's version of classic lasagna but so much more. A Greek salad will be enjoyed while the pastitsio is baking off;  made with tomato, cucumber, thin slices of sweet onion, kalamata olives and a slice of feta drizzled with Greek olive oil and oregano.To finish off the evening with a little something sweet , you will enjoy the orange, honey cake created first on the island of Crete called portokalopita. Kalo Fagito ... good eating for all!

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