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8/28 Greek Cuisine Supper Club
Greek Cuisine
Saturday, August 28, 2021
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Chef Pam is excited to host a fun evening experiencing Greek Cuisine Supper Club.  Share in her love for the Albanian and Greek cuisine minus the jet lag of traveling to Athens!  We will start out with keftedes, the traditional Greek meatball garnished with a lemon sauce.  Then on to individual Greek salads with delicious feta cheese and kalamata olives.  The next course is mousaka made with layers of eggplant in a bechamel sauce. The fourth course is shish kebab skewers prepared with Chef Pam's Grandfather and Father's special Albanian marinade and garnished with tzatziki sauce.  To finish off the evening with a little something sweet everyone will get homemade baklava.  Can you say, "Opa?".

This is an evening where you sit back and let Chef Pam cook for you while she shares how she prepared each course as it is delivered.

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